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Title VIDASASSOON global education instructors
Resume 2006 - Create CHEVY AND BLACK Arts

Name jason(黄成筑) Title  
Course Management and training team
Resume Singaporean Chinese
Singapore acts of psychological experts
Asian Masters of the 10 potential incentives
Pacemaker chief lecturer
International hair maestro
Guangzhou LEO Professional Hair Goods Co., Ltd. special education advisor

Name Luo Shaoqi
Title International Master haircut
Course Sassoon cut fine
Resume Industry Group Masters Award granted
In 1998 the United States was awarded the international art and fashionGroup industry Master Award
In 1998 by hair stylist in the Asia-Pacific Association Award for outstanding hair stylist

Name JESSIE(杜金霞) Title Sassoon senior advisor
Course Hot new fashion into shape
Resume In 2006 to participate in CHEVY AND BLACK Arts to create work

Title VIDASASSOON hair senior advisor
Course Creative hair
Resume 1999 --- the world to participate in in-house training instructors.
2002 --- VIDASASSOON was the world's education instructor certification.
2003 --- Britain in VIDASASSOON Academy.
2004 --- Global Education VIDASASSOON hair senior instructor certification.
2002 --- so far on many occasions to participate in the international hair show. Ad shoot (the United Kingdom, Austria, South Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan and Hong Kong).
2006 --- CHEVY & BLACK involved in the creation of Arts and teaching.

Name Zhang Xiaojie
Title Haircut Asian Masters
Course TOUNI & GUY Twelve Jing shear paragraph Czech classical aesthetics course World
Resume SORBIE hair Arts
Flaunt (PIUOPOINE) College
Asian hair art media center, Director of Education

Name Jiang Hongjun
Title Asia perm Masters(Fat Wang Xinhua)
Course (Perm-to-date trend of exchange) (how fast to enhance the performance of a hair salon) (perm hair real answers to difficult problems) (perm effect of the decision of the five factors) (perm professional design skills in tailoring) (Super King blanching training) (to enhance the performance of the hair stylist Big Head communication skills)
Resume State secondary art image of the Ministry of Culture, Professor, Asia director of aesthetic surgery branch, the Chinese whirlwind combination of plastic arts, founder of Warren, executive director of the Shenzhen Merchants Association, the state qualified to judge the certificate lecturer, expert working in Shenzhen Federation of culture and art experts, teachers Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce Member of the Committee of Experts on China's Xinhua Wang

Name Wang Guohua
Title International Master haircut
Course Classic fashion style haircut
Salon management practices and the mentality of Tactical Training
Resume 2000 end of the 20th century of China Beauty and Hairdressing hairdressing and 30 honorable mention

December 7, 2001 Beauty and Hairdressing Association of Guangdong Province, Hong Kong's Cosmetic & Perfumery Association, the World Alliance of Chinese beauty salons, "Health and Beauty," "Beauty Fashion" newspaper issued Beauty Award for outstanding contribution to education

December 7, 2001 beauty salons in Guangdong Province and the World Association of Chinese beauty salons Union issued recalls of the twentieth century Chinese beauty Achievement Award

Name Zhang Jinghui
Title International Masters cut
Course "Do not miss the chance form of" commercial pruning techniques, hairdressing business to enhance the performance of sketching
Resume In 2000 by the International Association of hair "to create an outstanding contribution to the trend of the award"
China in 2003 as the title of the 10 teachers cut fine
2003-2005 on behalf of the Chinese Art Institute a hair to promote Chinese culture with Chinese characteristics, the tide conference
In 2006 by CCTV image of the Chinese Special Fashion Design Competition Jury

Name Saka Title International Master haircut
Course SAKA the essence of hair cutting, SAKA and strict school of abstract model, SAKA original hair
Resume SAKA footprint: in 1985 joined the hairdressing industry
Group of Hong Kong in 1993 and foreign beauty hair Center Director
1999 Guangzhou celebrity hairstyles chain agency chief technology officer and 86 hair salons and honorary director of the Hong Kong Television Broadcasts room co-director of any hairstyle
By the end of 2000 to create an international SAKA hair to promote the arts studio, located in Guangzhou, China.
2003 Academy of Fine Arts self-study art and design specialist
2004-2006 offered 10 "the essence of hair cutting," and invited to training courses, more than 10 Chinese institutions-onset major chain.

姓名 Lai Weian
Title International Master haircut
Course Fashion and style haircut
Resume Hong Kong is currently president of global hair and beauty
Asia Hair and Beauty Association Technical Director
OAI, CIC hair World Championship in Hong Kong on behalf of the coach
ICD World styling president of the Association of Hong Kong

Name Zhu Yinxian
Title Creative Director
Course Japanese style hot Tactical Training shear, a perm fashion modeling skills
Resume Taiwan hair perm Education Research Association
Beauty salons in Southeast Asia Research Institute chief judge
Japan International cosmetology Research Institute (Taiwan Branch)
Taiwan Durham International Creative Director of Strategic Alliance

Name Liang Jiang
Title Consulting, marketing director
Course Guangzhou Leo's senior adviser, director of marketing, corporate training division
Resume Sun Yat-sen University Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Hong Kong, the United States and a co-billion salon business management consultant
Let beauty of the National Association of Chain Management Consultants
Thousands of international wire Square Gold Chain body hair

Name Sun Tao
Title Asia Tiezui
Training Passionate speeches, interactive games, role-playing, sharing a hair salon on the management of the arts
Resume ICM management of the international beauty cosmetics research institute, the president of "ANDY art of self-management" Creating human
Ten Outstanding Chinese expert training
ICM International Beauty Cosmetics Industry Research
China won the beauty of education and training of the Special Contribution Award
Chinese circles hairdressing War
Asia Tiezui
60 seconds to decide your fate, 60 minutes to master the skills to operate

Name Allan(张宗兴) Title LEO senior advisor
Course The new trend of the quarter courses

96-year educational institutions where he studied under champrond
01-year wind up on sand-sun
In 2003 in Hong Kong to close down TONI & GUY
Guangzhou Institute of creative beauty salons, a senior lecturer
Guangzhou university students design models Cup
Austrian Cup competition between Guangdong and Hong Kong creative hair color title
Rock Records (Guangzhou) Venture stylist. Auspices of behind-the-scenes work of the design stage

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