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Name: Nutrition Straight Perm
No: N20076515130
Times: 1099
 Product details:
Nutrition Straight Perm      500ml*3    v011
     The straight hair after perm, goes without static, make it not tangle, easy to comb and appear the healthy and glossy elegant.
1 Use the professional shampoo to clean the hair entirely, flush it with water and dry it primarily.
2 Section the hair, apply the first amount of intenerated cream onto the hair ( one centimeter away from the root of the hair), it depends on the different texture of the hair. It takes around 10-20 minutes for intenerating. Test whether the hair achieves the intenerating situation. Flush it with warm water and dry it.
3 Section the hair, use the number 3 conditioner and apply onto the hair for 5-10 minutes, let the hair absorb the nutrition completely.
4 Use the ion shelves to adjust to appropriate temperature (140-180) Celsius degree. It depends on the texture of the hair. Then section the hair and clamp the hair from upward to downward. Straight the hair evenly.
5 Apply the Number 2 neutralization onto the hair evenly. Comb the hair vertically and make the style. Wait for 15-20 minutes, flush with warm water. at last, create the style causally.
1         Should be guide by the professional hair style dresser, pay attention to the temperature and operation of the ion clamp. Avoid hurting the hair and people.
2         If the guests have the damaged and weak hair, suggest shorten the time properly.
3         People with sensitive and damaged scalp should use it cautiously.
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